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About Us

The Feeder Leader company is a family-owned and run business servicing the rural sector with products that are built to last and provide efficient means of production around the farm.

Our research and development is conducted on farms, with farmers ensuring that our products deliver the best results over a sustained period of intense use. We are not interested in selling parts, and would rather build reliable machines that require little maintenance and last for several years. This attitude has enabled us to build trusting relationships with farmers and dealers in New Zealand and around the world since 2001 and it is our goal to ensure this continues. 

​We are innovators, not imitators and constantly lead the field with better ways of doing things that result in higher efficiency and increased production. By not being constrained by layers of management we are able to try new ideas as they arrive to get the best products possible onto the market and through constant improvements and tweaks we ensure that a Feederleader machine will be a sound investment for any farm.


Through our long established retail business Taupo Tractor & Machinery, we are able to keep at the coal face of the farming industry and really understand what farmers are wanting in their products. Talking with farmers as well as dealers has meant we are able to stay ahead of the game and in tune with the ups and downs of the agricultural sector.

We find this the most enjoyable part of our work and will continue to deliver products that farmers can depend on.







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