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The Boss Feedlot feeder  is made right in the the heart of the USA. In Kansas to be precise. It's three point linkage is specifically designed to feed into feedlots, bins, along fence lines or in-door barns. The feed arm extends beyond the width of the rear tractor tires allowing close proximity while driving in parallel.


While maintaining all of the features and design characteristics that make the Boss range popular with farmers, the Boss Feedlot Feeder excels where no other feeder on the market dares to venture. A dynamic, multipurpose machine built for tough New Zealand conditions and a demanding workload, The Boss Feedlot Feeder is an essential tool for the modern farmer.

Round and square bales​

The Boss is designed to feed out efficiently both round and square bales  (with the addition of a square bale kit)* eliminating the need to buy a second machine.

Chain  ​

With a 15 000lb, 0.5'' ⌀ solid pin roller chain there will never be a need to replace guided roller chain. Weight is absorbed by rollers not bars delivering a quiet operation.

Enclosed drive shaft

The drive shafts are fully enclosed to prevent silage/hay from wrapping around moving parts resulting in congestion and loss of power.

Drive system

A one piece, cast iron drive system means there is more surface for the drive dog to drive on and will not break as opposed to pins. A 400cc heavy duty, hydraulic motor powers the drive shaft directly with no primary drive chains and allows the direct transfer of power with less parts to wear.


The feeder body is fully enclosed (floor, front, back) meaning there is no wastage of feed through the cradle and its curvature ensures every last bit is fed out. The feed bed is made of pressed steel for extra strength and durability. The cradle is slightly longer than most other machines which means it can easily accommodate 6 ft bales and any odd bales you may have.



The unique design incorporates 4 bushes instead of bearings, which corrode over time with the acid secreted from silage. The bushes are low maintenance with only four grease nipples needed to maintain the whole machine.


The cradle is designed to sit close in to the tractor and keep weight on the back axle and prevent flexing. A sliding top-link allows maneuverability while reconnecting forks to the cradle while different fork lengths make it easier to line up. The forks are solid and welded in. The feet run the entire width of the machine so that they don't dig into the ground, and are angled perpendicular across the body to prevent sliding while mounting.


The bars on the Boss feeder range are welded directly onto the guided roller chain rather than just bolted ensuring optimum strength at the point of contact. Box section bars bear significantly more weight than angle iron.





For USA inquiry call Price Bros Equipment: 877-957-9577 or click link below  ​





    Size of bales



   Drive system


9.1 ft

6.5 ft


   Direct drive


   4' X 4' -4' X 6'

   1 X double acting

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