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Click the link beside to read the Farm Trader review of the Boss 3-point linkage bale feeder.


​"The bed on the Feeder Leader is deep which keeps the bales from escaping halfway through fee​ding out which is always a bonus. For a smaller operation like mine it would hold close to 500-600kgs of maize silage which lets me add magnesium on top so I don't have to buy a whole new machine."​

       Graham Law​
       Te Kuiti

"In my opinion, The Boss Feeder Leader is the best on the market, low maintenance, impossible to wreck and with only 4 grease nipples on the whole machines it's pretty easy to maintain. I also like how the forks are different lengths which makes it easy to attach, especially on hills. For simple no fuss easy and reliable operation, I would recommend this bale feeder to any farmer working on the hills."
        Denis Lupton​
        Te Kuiti​

"The fixed bottom welded sheet makes it really strong so that when the Feeder bounces down the race it is not going to fall apart. Mine has proven to be very reliable"
        Gavin McKenzie​

"Thank goodness, no more bearings to have to replace.. had a nightmare with the last thing I owned. The Boss has got it right with its bushes. Just need to grease them once a week, sweet."
        Cayden Van der Henk​
        Victoria, Australia


"I really love the curved loading forks on the Trialed Feeder. It is so easy to align the next bale when there is already one bale on, because the forks are visible from inside the tractor."
        Mike Cordel​
        Waikato Farmer

It makes perfect sense to carry the second bale instead of stabbing it. My old feeder used to stab the bales and half the time the bale was in 2 pieces.
        Sydney Foster​
        South Island dairy farmer

I feel safe feeding out on hills with the 2 bale- feeder. It is only 40mms off the ground so doesn’t tip over and I don’t need to be on flat ground to load the bale.
        Terry Purcell​
        New Plymouth farmer

The best thing I reckon about the Feeder Leader 2-bale Feeder is that I don’t have to get off the tractor to take the net wrap off. I cut it and tie it under the forks and away I go with 2 bales ready to feed out without stopping.
        Casey Snowdon​
        Western Bays


It feeds out my silage bales right along my fencelines. Very easy to manoeuvre and place exactly where I want it to go.
        Bill Brown​

I have no problems feeding it into my feeder bins and find that it feeds out in a smooth flow.
        Clinton Marshall​


I just love this machine. It has more uses than a Swiss army knife and they are dead right. Except I can't file my nails with it.
        Pete McMahon​

I have been driving diggers for 25 years and this is just the thing. It can pick up everything from sticks to stumps, it does a beautiful job of raking both ways and with the placement of the teeth most of the dirt drops out.

        Stephen McCaskie



I don’t even take the Taupo Hand off my tractor because it is so versatile and I find I am using it every day for all sorts of things around the farm.
        Shaun McKluchie​

I do mainly logs with my Taupo Hand. The thing I like best about it is that because of its curve it rolls the logs into it and then I just clamp the beak down to grasp it. Real easy.
        Glen Crawford​



It follows the contour of the land really well. I use it to press down the soil after I have raked the paddocks.
        Murray Jeffcoat​

I train horses and find that the Taupo Roller is excellent for pressing down clumps and leveling the ground for the horse track.
        Graeme Howse​

It has definitely made a difference to the germination rate of my seeds, because it presses the seeds firmly down into the soil and helps to retain moisture.
        Doug Lambie​

I find it easy to tow along the road between my farms. I just wish I could afford the Winged Roller that is a beast.
        Fred Cornwall

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