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The machine designed, manufactured or marketed and supplied by Feeder Leader Company Ltd is warranted against faulty workmanship and defective materials for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. Such warranty is subject to the following conditions.

1. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of parts or machinery sold by Feeder Leader Company Ltd and damaged as a result of faulty workmanship or materials in such part or machinery. It does not extend to any other loss or damage including consequential loss or damage or loss to other property.
2. No responsibility will be accepted for repairs made other than by Feeder Leader Company Ltd or its accredited agent and without prior authorisation by Feeder Leader Company Ltd.
3. Without limiting the generality of paragraph 1, above this warranty does not cover the following:
(a) Losses sustained through delay in delivery.
(b) Travel expenses.
(c) Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse or when operated outside of conditions for which it
was designed or as deemed appropriate by Feeder Leader Company Ltd.
(d) Damage to any other goods which have been altered or modified by someone other than Feeder
Leader Company Ltd or its authorised dealer.
(e) Damage or loss to the goods due to their unsuitability for any particular use or for using with any
particular tractor except where such use or tractor has been specifically approved by Feeder
Leader Company Ltd.
(f) Damage or loss where the fitting and installation of the goods was not carried out by Feeder
Leader Company Ltd or its authorised dealer.
(g) While every effort is made to keep up with any changes in tractor design and specification Feeder
Leader Company Ltd will not be liable for alteration to their goods as a result of such changes. (h) Components such as hydraulic control valves, hydraulic rams and divertors. These are supplied
subject to the warranty given by their manufacturers.
4. Procedure for recovery under warranty:
No loss or damage will be covered under warranty unless the following procedure is followed by the purchaser.
(a) If the purchaser is an authorised dealer:
(i) Feeder Leader Company Ltd must first be advised of details of the goods concerned, the loss or damage sustained and the circumstances in which the loss or damage arose.
(ii) Feeder Leader Company Ltd will then decide if such loss or damage is within the terms of warranty and shall advise the dealer as to how the loss or damage is to be repaired.
(iii) When Feeder Leader Company Ltd accepts responsibility for the loss or damage a
Warranty order number will be issued and Feeder Leader Company Ltd shall advise the sum allowed for the repair taking into consideration time required to make, repair materials and other relevant factors.
(iv) The dealer should then commence to carry out the necessary repair or replacement work as instructed.
(v) A claim form will be sent to the dealer and must be submitted in writing to Feeder Leader Company Ltd within 14 days of the date of the Warranty Order No being issued.
Such claim must include Feeder Leader Company Ltd Serial No, original Invoice No and Official Company Order No.
(vi) Where the claim is approved the dealer’s account will be credited for the sum authorised.
(b) If the purchaser is not an authorised dealer:
The loss or damage should be reported directly to Feeder Leader Company Ltd who will advise whether it is covered by the warranty and direct the purchaser accordingly as to what action is to be taken.
Please remember to fill in and return the Warranty Registration form on the back page of this manual.

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