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The Taupo Roller is ideal for maize growers as the seed germinates at an even level. It is towed behind any Baker Boot type Seed Drill, Power Harrow or Rotary Hoe, gently packing the soil down after seed drilling to retain soil moisture and lessen problems with birds eating the seeds. The result is a higher germination rate and healthier seeds to retain maximum profitability.


At an overall width of 3.3 metres and with a sliding drawbar and safety flag holders ,The Taupo Roller can  easily be towed along the road to the job and    has a working width of 3metres. 

Water can be added to the drum that runs along inside the tyres, taking the weight from 500kgs to 900kgs if necessary, and it is easy to take tyres off if they need to be replaced.

A solid steel frame goes right around the roller.

Taupo Roller                      $8,900 + GST($9,800 + GST SI)


   Weight no water

   Width working


   Weight inc water

   Width overall




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