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Frequently asked questions and answers



Q What improvements have you made over the years?
A  We have completely rebuilt the feeder from the original one, and this is a direct result of being out in the field talking to farmers and being able to quickly make modifications from their suggestions. We have fully enclosed the cradle so that no feed falls out. We have gone to a cast iron direct drive system because we found some of the pins broke in our earlier model. We have changed the curvature, and gone to pressed steel and a super strong chain.
Q  How long is your warranty for?
A  2 years
Q  Can I buy direct from you?
A  No sorry you can't. We have dealers throughout NZ and Australia who support us so in turn we support them.
Q  Why red?
A  Because red is fast.

Q What feed is it most suited to feeding out?
A  Both silage and hay. Our curvature is the best on the market because it is steeper than any other feeder on the world market and this steepness unrolls the bale a lot easier.
Q Will I be able to feed round and square bales?
A  Yes no problem at all.

Q Do you have a bale feeder that feeds into troughs or along fence lines?
A  Yes our Feedlot Feeder can do that.
Q Why do you use bushes instead of bearings?
A  Less maintenance. All you need to do is put grease into the grease nipples once a week . Bearings can collect acid from silage which corrodes them.

Q How strong is your chain?
A  Very strong. In fact it is the strongest on the market. Our roller chain runs on 12mm ⌀ solid pins as opposed to some other chains that  only run on hollow pins. It has a breaking strain of 1500 pounds.


Q Why do you use pressed steel for the cradle?
A  Purely for strength. There is a lot of weight in those bales and plastic can and does break.
Q Can you feed out from both sides with your feeders?
A  Yes definitely. It feeds out both sides very smoothly.
Q Do I really need the square bale kit when I feed out square bales?
A  We recommend it although we have spoken to some farmers who feed out without them and don’t seem to have problems.
Q How strong are the pins that the drive shaft rotates on?
A  We don’t use pins anymore in our new model. We have a one piece cast iron sprocket now and there is no way it can break.
Q Can I load bales with the loading frame?
A  Yes you can.
Q Can I load the bales from both ends? 
A  No you can’t because then we wouldn’t be able to fully enclose it and hold the bale together without losing baleage over the linkage arms.  The farmers we have spoken to say it is not an issue anyway because it is easy just to drive the tractor around.

Q What can I do if the chain stretches?
A  In the very unlikely event that it does stretch it is a simple matter of putting a 5-10mm packer on the left hand side between the bearing housing and the frame.
Q Why does your 2 bale feeder carry the bale instead of stabbing it?
A  This is what makes our feeder unique. When you stab the square bale the forks can sometimes go right through, splitting the bale and making it fall off. Carrying it eliminates this problem. Carrying it also makes it easy to load the second bale, you don’t even have to get off the tractor.
Q How safe is your 2 bale feeder on hills?
A  Very safe because the wheels are spaced out wide so it doesn’t tip over, and because it is only 1.2 metres off the ground you won't have to lift the bale high off the ground to get it in.

Q With your 2 bale feeder, do I have to take the net wrapping off the bale before I load the second bale?
A  No because once the second bale is loaded on you can then get off and split the wrapping and tie it under the forks. When you are ready to feed out your second bale you don’t even need to get off the tractor, simply flick it on.

Q Why can’t I put a 16mm Hand on a 12 tonne digger?
A  The hydraulics on the digger are too powerful for this size Hand.


Q Why can’t I put a 25mm Hand on a tractor?
A  It is too heavy for the tractor. Remember that this size Hand weighs 700kgs.


Q Will I bend the tines?
A  No because we use the highest grade steel that you can weld.
Q Why is it so expensive?
A Because you are paying for high quality Bisalloy steel that we have to use to make it strong enough to do all the jobs you want it to do.


Q Can I reverse mount it on my digger?
A  Yes you can if you want to and some people do.
Q Does it need to open up so much?
A  Yes it opens vertical to go in for the full grab, otherwise it can push whatever you want to pick up away instead.
Q What advantage is the curvature?
A  It rolls the logs into it instead of away from it and then you clamp down on the log with the beak. We have a patent on this curvature.
Q What advantage is there in it being able to sit on the ground?
A  Pure convenience. It makes it that much easier to pick up again.
Q  Is there water in the tyres?
A  No the water is not actually in the tyres, you can fill up the cylinder that runs right through the middle of the tyres.
Q  Are the tyres new?
A  No we use second hand tyres. They don't need to be new for the purpose they will be used for and new tyres would take the price right up.
Q  Can I tow it along the road?
A  Yes you can do this easily and as fast as the law allows.
Q  What if I need to replace a tyre?
A  That's easy. Just undo the end bolt and slide them off. They are on angle iron to make this easier.
Q  Do I need to fill it up with water?
A  No only if you need it to be heavier to press soil down more or compact rocks down.
Q  Do you make a bigger model?
A  Yes we make a winged roller, which is basically 3 roller lengths joined together. Have a look at our video to see this in action.
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