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The Boss Multi-feeder is a combination of a feedlot and a trailed two bale feeder.   

The extended arm allows feed to reach outside the width of the tractor tires and place it in a trough or feed bunk while also enabling two bales to be carried at the same time.

The curved forks also make backing into the second bale easy and visible, as the bale is guided in by the curve. The forks are just 40mms off the ground, high enough that they don’t dig up the ground, but low enough to provide stability because the bale doesn’t have to be lifted too high to be placed in the feeder. The bale goes onto a sliding table which puts it into the correct place in the cradle every time.

The feeder cradle is made out of one piece of rounded 3mm steel, making it light (only 750kg) yet extremely strong.  Top quality solid pin chain, with a breaking strain of 15 000lb, is used and the chain does not stretch.

Wide wheel base

For extra stability, especially when working on the side of a hill, the wheel base is perfectly proportioned so that the cradle will not tip and the bale will not roll out. The wheels do not run over the windrow as they travel just inside allowing full utilisation of feed.


Round and square bales

The Boss Trailed is designed to feed out both round and square bales  (with the addition of a square bale kit)* efficiently, eliminating the need to buy a second machine.

Chain  ​

With a 15 000lb, 12mm ⌀ solid pin roller chain there will never be a need to replace guided roller chain. Weight is absorbed by rollers not bars delivering a quiet operation.

Enclosed drive shaft

The drive shafts are fully enclosed to prevent silage/hay from wrapping around moving parts resulting in congestion and loss of power.

Drive system

A one piece, cast iron drive system means there is more surface for the drive dog to drive on and will not break as opposed to pins. A 400cc heavy duty, hydraulic motor powers the drive shaft directly with no primary drive chains and allows the direct transfer of power with less parts to wear.


The feeder body is fully enclosed (floor, front, back) meaning there is no wastage of feed through the cradle and its curvature ensures every last bit is fed out. The feed bed is made of pressed steel for extra strength and durability. The 1.560m cradle is slightly longer than most making it one of the few feeders that can take a 6 ft bale. This also means that those odd bales you sometime get are easy to fit in. 



The unique design incorporates 4 bushes instead of bearings which corrode over time with the acid secreted from silage. The Bushes are low maintenance with only 4 grease nipples used to maintain the whole machine.



The bars on the Boss feeder range are welded directly onto the guided roller chain rather than just bolted, ensuring optimum strength at the point of contact. The spikes on the bars are also welded on. Box section bars bear significantly more weight than angle iron.










   Width wheelbase



   Size of bales

   Number of bales

   Drive system




   2 x double acting

   4' X 4' -4' X 6'


   Direct drive

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