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Feederleader Boss 2.png


The most enduring bale feeder on the market with years of development based on feedback from farmers. Designed for both round and square bales, The Boss 3-point linkage bale feeder has​ become an essential tool for the modern farmer.

Based on the quality design of the original Feeder Leader, this variation features self-loading lifting arms and a trailer configuration.

Feedlot White BG.png


A feeder specifically designed to feed into troughs, bins, along fence lines and in-door barns.

Two bale feeder designed to be towed behind a 2WD or 4WD.

This versatile, useful farm implement has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife! It works like an extended hand on your front-end loader, handling logs, trash, gorse, posts, stones and cleans up your paddocks.

The Taupo Roller is ideal to tow behind seed drills, power harrows or rotary hoes. Great for moisture retention.

An excellent roller that folds up for transport and when the wings are let down rolls a width of 6m. Ideal for moisture retention and seed covering.

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